May/June 2018

1. Pinehurst

WHAT A WEEKEND! Back in February Dad asked if Sean and I would be interested in meeting up in Pinehurst, NC for a golf weekend…haha hard decision to make. Then about a week later he called and told us to book our flights because we were on for this weekend! So Sean and I flew up Thursday morning and met dad and Paul in Raleigh for a fun-filled weekend of golf.

Sean and I arrived about 2 hours before the other two so we decided we had time to head up to Duke and check our Cameron Indoor Stadium and a bit of the campus. It’s on Sean and my bucketlist to go to a game at Cameron Indoor, how awesome would that be?!? Well obviously didn’t happen this trip, but it was pretty cool to check out the arena all the same.

The next day, Friday, was the day we played Pinehurst 8. We began the day with a walk around the neighborhood, this place was so nice, quiet, and smelled so fresh! It really reminded me of Sunriver in Oregon, so nice. After our walk we headed over to the main hotel where we had breakfast. This may have been one of my favorite parts of the trip! It was the best breakfast buffet I have ever had!! Haha, the baby and I were very very happy! Speaking of baby, the bump was hard to hide this trip…at least it was an excuse to get me to play from the ladies tees! Anyway we then headed back got ready and headed off to try to tame the course.

The course was beautiful! So nice, in great condition, and so so hard! Unfortunately Dad and I could not pull off the win and Paul and Sean beat us. Although my driving was off the chain! It was so fun and such a great day on the course! After playing we headed to dinner with one of Dad’s friends who lives there and had a DELICIOUS meal. Needless to say it was a great day!

img_8473Saturday began the same way Friday did with a visit to the amazing breakfast buffet which again was one of the best parts!! And then after breakfast we went to the pro shop and found the most darling little polo onesie for the baby. We also got ourselves some pretty awesome gear, it was great because all the polos (guy) were Travis Mathew which is Sean’s favorite. Sean also got some pretty cool Pinehurst No. 2 gear to put up on his “mancave.” This was also the spot where the famous Stuart Payne statue on the 18th green of Pinehurst 2 is. This meant that we of course had to stop and take some pictures with it. I think Sean is excited for kids so that he doesn’t have to take all these ridiculous pictures with me any more :).

And then came the pinnacle for the week…Pinehurst No. 2 which is by far the hardest course I have ever played! Needless to say we all got worked. But we all broke 100 so that was a positive. Also walking 18 holes 5 months pregnant was a bit difficult, but well worth it! Again Dad and I came up short as Paul and Sean pulled ahead on the last few holes. Overall it was a great day! And just so fun to play such a historic course! I think our next trip will be a golf trip to Ireland!

After such a fun weekend it was time to head home, unfortunately. This was such a fast trip and did not feel long enough!! We headed out Sunday morning and since we had a few hours to kill before our flights home we headed back up to Duke with dad and Paul to show them around as well. Again, I love that campus! Anyway this trip was one for the books! So fun to spend time with dad, Paul, and of course Sean. So fun to play golf on such historic courses. And just so fun to get away from everyday life for a few days. Cannot wait for our next adventure!

2. Sean’s Birthday

Well Sean is an another year older and hopefully another year wiser. I feel bad because I think that Sean gets the shaft when it comes to birthdays because I am the WORST with them! 3 years ago we had a frozen pizza in our empty apartment and then got ice cream since we had literally just moved here days before. Then 2 years ago I was in San Diego for his birthday. Last year and this year I bogged down in school stuff and so we didn’t get to do a whole. BUT…next year, we are going all out for this guy because he is the BEST and deserves the BEST!

Anyway, this year he just wanted to stay home and have a nice steak dinner so that’s what we did. I decorated the house in some Harry Potter decor I got at the dollar store, a long with some banners throughout the house, haha not sure how Sean felt about it, but he was a good sport! Sydnee and Cj came over and we had a delicious steak dinner followed by a tres leches cake from a little Mexican bakery down the road… so delicious! I also got some trick candles that would NOT go out!! Sean was trying to blow them out for a good 5 minutes until I finally just took out the candles and threw them in the sink!! Haha it was hilarious. I guess we hadn’t had enough ice cream so we headed out to ChillN’ for some ice cream. Anyway, I love this birthday boy and love spending a day celebrating how special he is! May 13 is definitely one of the best days of the year!

3. 24 Weeksimg_8621

The good news…my pants still fit. The bad news…I have to unbutton them every time I sit down! haha, the joys of pregnancy. But at this point I am finally feeling good (aside from being exhausted)! I feel like this pregnancy has just flown by, maybe it’s because I don’t have too much down time, thanks to school & work, but I can’t believe that we’re already to 24 weeks. Only 16 more weeks until this little girl is here! We’re starting to get everything together and I really look forward to nesting and organizing all her stuff and then of course having her here! I know I’m going to have to breakdown and buy some maternity clothes soon, but for now I just keep buttoning and unbuttoning!!

4. Mini golf

We had been telling Sean and Austen about our favorite BBQ place here, 4 rivers, for awhile so we figured it was about time we all went there! So on a rainy afternoon we headed over and introduced them to the awesomeness that is 4 Rivers. Consider Sean is not a huge BBQ fan she liked it pretty well and Austen loved it, so success!! After our BBQ heaven we headed over to this indoor mini golf place that also has an arcade. I forgot however that this place is lit by black lights and I wore just a white shirt…I looked like a purple beluga whale, seriously! Anyway, we had a blast, especially since us girls trounced the boys by 10 strokes! We then spent the next 45 minutes playing arcade games and ended up getting a bunch a candy and cheap arcade toys, but totally worth it! Our last stop was to Jeremiah’s in Coral Springs from some amazing Italian ice and custard! So fresh and refreshing and delicious! Basically this date was super fun and we really enjoyed the night with the Calverts!

5. Baby shower

The ladies of my ward were so sweet and threw my a baby shower a few weekends ago. It was so fun and such a blessing to have them do that! I always hate being the person received the gifts, but it was so nice to feel loved and see all the support Sean and I have here in Florida despite being so far from family. It was fun morning with some fun ladies!

6. Softball

Well, after 3 years Sean finally found a softball team to play on! As lame as it sounds I’ve really missed watching him play. Unfortunately I have come accustomed to winning and being one of the best teams…which may not be the case this season. But, either way we’ll be happy he at least gets to play this season!

7. Shooter’s

After a few failed attempts to get together with the Spjutes we finally got to spend an evening with them! We headed over to the inter-coastal waterway to have dinner at Shooter’s, which is a seafood restaurant there on the water. Despite waiting for awhile and getting hangry this place was nice. And really we didn’t mind because we were in such good company.

After dinner we headed over to yet another arcade (this is one thing we’ve really enjoyed as of late). And of course ended up making the arcade games a competition of who could get the most tickets. Haha, Sean and I lost, unfortunately. I think it’s the first time I’ve lost to Cj other than when he cheated at Top Golf in Utah. But wither way we ended up winning more candy and stupid arcade toys…maybe we’ll just start collecting tickets to try to get the bigger prizes next time! Anyway, as always it was a good time with the Spjutes!

8. Father’s day

Let me just say that Sean is going to be the best dad! I can’t wait to see him with our little girl, I’m pretty sure it’s going to melt my heart. But this was a fun day to kind of talk about what’s coming our way in September and how next year for father’s day we’ll have a little one here too!! img_8712

9. 28 Weeks

This baby sure is growing!!


10. Whales Rib and Jurassic World with the Shumways

When Sean and I found out Dave and Jessica had never been to the Whale’s Rib we knew we had to rectify this so we immediately planned a date night. Needless to say they loved it! Except the fact and the dipping sauce there is called Whale Juice, couldn’t quite get on board with that. Anyway, it was a great night with great friends!IMG_8747After dinner Sean and I headed off to see Jurassic World, a movie I’d been looking forward to seeing for a long time. And I have to say, it did not disappoint! Seriously so so good!!

With these last few months being as crazy as they have been I literally live for Saturday nights! They’re rejuvenating to me and have kept me sane (or at least mostly sane)! I love our Saturday date nights and getting to hang out with my best friend!

Next up, July, and what a month that will be…


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