Welcome to my blog.

I named this blog A Perfect Recollection as this is my way of preserving memories I want to always remember. I’ve never been very good at keeping journals or even previous blogs…whoops, but I really want a way to keep memories so that I have something to share with my kids in the future. Hopefully this is it!

And this is me:

I grew up in Southern California, went to college in Utah and currently live in Southeast Florida (aka the Caribbean). I studied nursing and currently am working at Cleveland Clinic Florida while getting my Family Nurse Practitioner degree.

My favorite things include sports (BYU, Denver Broncos and if I have to watch baseball then Boston Red Sox), friends, family, sunrises (and sunsets), and hiking (anything outside).

I married my best friend in 2014 and life with him is wonderful. SeeĀ Our Life for our story together.