March/April 2018

Hard to believe another 2 months have flown by! This year is just going by at warp speed! Not that I’m wishing my life away, but I’m excited for December…graduation seems like a million years away right now! Anyway, these two months were busy with school, but luckily we were able to have some fun as well…

1. Bowling

We started March off with a bowling date with Austin and Sean. I think 3/4 of us enjoyed the bowling…haha Sean C was not the biggest fan ;). Surprisingly I balled it up the last game, I even beat the legit guys next to us! It was a fun evening and nice change of pace for a weekday night. We love having friends in Florida!

2. Finding out the gender

As I said in the previous post we found out the gender of our baby this month…I told Sean it was a girl, but of course here didn’t believe me! Well Luckily Sean C was nice enough to find out the gender for us and then come over to help us find out. Sean had bought some exploding golf balls from Amazon (all hail Amazon!) that had blue and pick chalk in them. So Sean C gave us the ball with the gender and Sean swung away. The only thing I told him was don’t miss…this was the result:

Haha I just cannot stop laughing at this video!

After this we then headed to the temple for a session. It was such a special moment sitting in the Celestial room with Sean thinking about our little girl in heaven. We just love her so much already and cannot wait to meet her!

3. Spring Training

This was definitely a highlight of the past few months for us. Since moving to Florida we’ve had spring training on our bucket list, but obviously had yet to check that off. So when I saw that I was finishing my clinicals relatively early we thought why not take a weekend and go out for some games…definitely one of our best ideas in awhile. And lucky enough Austin and Sean are Red Sox fans as well so they came with us.

We headed out Saturday morning to Fort Myers where Sean had made a reservation at this breakfast restaurant with a transvestite to serenade us. No you did not misread that, we were serenaded all throughout breakfast by this person (not sure what I call him/her). Anyway, it was actually a lot of fun. We then headed over to the park a bit early to walk around and check out the ballpark, and Sean was hoping to maybe slide in a get some autographs…not luck. We also decided we just need to have a little boy so Sean can use him to get all these autographs :). The game was great, the food was better (I LOVE ballpark hot dogs!), and the company was even better.

After the game we headed off to the hotel and then out to the beach to check out the gulf side of Florida. The water was FREEZING! Makes me nervous to ever go in the Pacific Ocean again after the nice warm  Atlantic ocean. We then grabbed some dinner and headed back to the hotel to get an early night since we were all sunburnt and exhausted.

The next day we slept in and got our continental breakfast (a favorite of Sean’s) and then headed out to our second game. We splurged a little with these seats, but being that close to the players was so cool. I love watching Sean at these games because he just LOVES it! I don’t hide that fact that baseball is not my favorite sport, but give me a hot dog and cracker jacks and I’ll go to any baseball game! The Red Sox won both games and we headed home a happy group. It was such a fun weekend and felt awesome to finally mark this off our bucket list!

4. General Conference

Since we switched our church time to 9am on Sundays Sean has to get up at 5:30 to get to bishopric meeting at 6:30…so general conference Sunday was a welcome break from the early mornings. We didn’t do much besides sleep in, take Cosby for a walk and eat a delicious breakfast. The best part though was obviously listening to the talks that were given. It was such a nice day!

5. Red Sox v. Marlins

Well we thought we hadn’t had enough Red Sox baseball so we decided to go to the Marlins v. Red Sox game in Miami. Because we know the traffic in Miami is AWFUL Sean took the day off and we headed down a bit early to the game which was fine because the ballpark is really nice. We got our food (of course) and headed to our seats and enjoyed a pretty boring game. It ended up going into 13 innings, but luckily we pulled it out. I just love how much fun we have together!

6. Sydnee & Cj

Best part of April…the Spjutes moved back to Florida for the summer! We seriously love them and are so happy they’re back here!img_8333

7. Virginia

My second and LAST on campus intensive was held in Norfolk Virginia and it was a doozy! I flew into VA on Friday afternoon and my friend Sandra picked me up.

Side note: Sandra and I have basically been together throughout this grad school adventure and I would not have made it this far without her! Super grateful to have made such a great friend through school!

Friday night we just walked the waterside dock, had dinner and prepared for our tests and clinical instruction coming the next day. Our exam consisted of 3 patient encounters in which we interviewed, assessed, diagnosed, and treated a “standardized patient” as we would in the clinical setting…all while being video taped and critiqued. I’ll admit my nerves got the best of me in the first visit, but then I settled in and felt really good about the last two visits. The rest of the two days included instruction on orthopedic injuries and treatments, suturing (so fun!), difficult conversations and office emergencies. We luckily stayed next to a nice little mall and Saturday night had dinner on the dock by the water.

Overall the weekend was exhausting and stressful, but it felt good to accomplish my goal this semester. Now two more semesters until I am Katie Stevenson FNP




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