July 2018

What a month! This may have been my favorite month of 2018 (until September when baby girl gets here), between time with Sean, traveling to Utah, parties, and friends and family it was a very busy month, not to mention the same school and work schedule! Anyway, here is what went on…

1. July 4th

The week of the Fourth started off with this killer outfit at church…5clRRnuUQFC0tEMe6l5t+w . Is that not the best?!? Love it!

We then spent the day going to the beach, barbecuing and cursing Florida because it OF COURSE had to rain that night and cancel the fireworks.

Also there is something about maternity overall…am I right?fullsizeoutput_2d5aWe then

I also happened to have left over sparklers from last year so we whipped them out once the sun went down. We took some pretty sweet photos with them, can you tell which is the girls’ and which is the boys’.

Hahaha, I guess somethings never change.

2. Cosby’s Birthday

I can’t believe our sweet pup is 4 years old!! It seems like just yesterday we were picking him out of the litter, well he was picking us as he was the first one out of the barn running to us. By far one of the best things Sean and I have done is get Cosby. When we moved to Florida and I started working night Cosby seriously saved me. He got me out of the house, got me to go out and do things and was just my little buddy, still is. I guess you have to be a dog person to understand all of this, but short story…WE LOVE COSBY! He’s going to be so sweet with this little baby coming and I cannot wait to see him with her.

3. Last day of clinical!!

This semester was a struggle! Not because I didn’t do well or didn’t learn a lot because I did do well and I did learn a lot, but just because of everything. Working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday nights then class on Wednesday and clinical all day Thursday and Friday. Plus being pregnant and sick for half of it. Have I made you feel sorry for me yet?? Haha, but to be honest I am most proud of what I accomplished this semester. I’ve done well in school, picked up more responsibility at work, grown a baby and probably best of all…didn’t go completely crazy! I owe a lot to Sean for helping me through this semester, I would not have made it through without him. But, we made it! One more semester to go and then I will be Katie Stevenson MSN, ARNP!!! Woot woot! MY preceptor Dr. Elvira Rives:IMG_8868

4. Walks with Cosby

32 weeks and still walking 2-3 miles a day! They may be slower than usual, but they get done! Thank goodness for a hyper dog that gets my butt out of the house!

5. Trip to Utah

We spent the last 5 days of the month in Utah with friends and family. It was such a great trip, but they’re never long enough!!


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