August 2017

Well another month has come and gone! Can’t believe we’re already to September?? Can life just slow down a little for us??? Anyway, this month a was a busy one, but a fun one! So here it is:

1. Beach day

We’ve lived here for over two years now and have definitely taken the beach for granted. It’s still hard to believe that people come here to vacation…and yet we live here! So, a midyear resolution (is that a thing??) to not take the beach for granted any longer!!

2. Finished another semester of school

Well this time last year I was just getting ready to start school and having major PANIC ATTACKS!! I mean seriously I cried to Sean several times that there was no way I could do this.

And yet here I am a year into school and not only am I doing it, but I’m rocking it (sorry little brag there). But being completely honest this year has been hard! It’s been exhausting, relentless and at times completely overwhelming. But with that it hasalso been so rewarding, eye opening and very spiritually strengthening. I am so proud of what I’ve accomplished this past year, I’ve learned so much and grown along with it. I truly believe I am a better person because of this past year and I can’t wait to see where the next year takes me.

A little story for you…

Last year for a YW activity we made vision boards where you cut pictures out of magazines and put together a board of your goals and it can be anything you want. Well I made one as an example for the girls and this board included things like running another half marathon, attending the temple monthly, climbing a really tall mountain (i’m coming for you Timp!) as well as a picture of an NP with the words “I want to get my Master’s degree” written underneath. This board sits right on top of my desk and whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed and feel like I can’t do it I just look up to see those words “I want to get my master’s.” It’s kept me going, and it will keep me going!

3. Afternoon with the Shumways

Have I mentioned just how much I love the Shumway family! Well I just adore them. If there’s one life changing event I can choose about moving out here (there’s lots though) as a favorite it would have to be meeting the Shumways. We have become such good friends with them and just love them so much! Seriously their family is such an example to me of love and support and one I hope Sean and I can become like as we start to have our own family.

Well, I went over to swim one afternoon and took my GoPro along and this was the result…

4. Trip to D.C./Georgetown 

Remember me talking about finishing another semester of school? Well part of that included taking a trip to Georgetown up in DC. This trip was exhausting, stressful and a lot of fun. It was nice to finally meet some of the people I have been going through school with for the last year.

5. Finished the Harry Potter movies…again, just in time for our trip to Universal Studios
6. Universal 2017
7. Skyped with Madman…love that little boy!

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