Universal 2017

Well, we went to Harry Potter world again this year, and again it was amazing! It’s amazing how magical that place really is! And the best part…


You think I’m joking, but I’m not. It has to be one of the most amazing things I have ever had! If you’ve never tried it, you must, your life will be infinitely better! Just ask Cj and Sydnee about butterbeer.

Anyway we drove up to Orlando with our favorite couple, the Spjutes, early saturday morning. Well, Sean drove and he and Cj talked while Sydnee and I crashed in the back seat, typical :). We got up there around 7:30am just in time to check into our hotel and head over to the park for early entrance. I think for the two days we were there we must have ridden 35-40 rides, seriously. Between the low number of people there and our fast passes I think the longest we waited was 15 minutes! We were so spoiled.

We spent the morning riding rides, drinking butterbeer and eating Auntie Annie’s pretzels, haha they were delicious and very nutritious ;). We rode the Hogwarts HP ride, and the dualing dragons twice –some of us liked that more than others ;), Jurassic Park a few times and the Hulk was included as well.

We then wandered through Hogsmeade, how cool is that to say, and then hopped on the Hogwarts express and headed to the otherside of the park. It is this side of the park that houses Diagon Alley which is such a cool place! Right when you walk through the opening in the brick wall it literally feels as if you’ve stepped into the books, absolutely amazing!! Besides being such a cool experience this is where one of my favorite rides is, Escape from Gingotts. Have you ever watched a movie and thought you yourself, “they need to make a ride like this?” Well I thought that as I watched this scene in the movie, and now it exists! Once on the otherside we again got butterbeers, rode the Mummy, which rivals Gringotts as a favorite!

We then decided to head back to hotel for an afternoon rest (does that make us sound old?) which ended up being such a good idea since it started to pour right when we got back! Considering the abismal forecast for the weekend we really lucked out with the weather! It rained just long enough for us to watch the BYU football game and then we were off again. We grabbed some dinner and headed back to the park for a few late night rides, mainly the mummy. Sean did get to ride his absolute favorite, roaring rocket, in the dark…he seriously loves that ride! We then headed back to the hotel and day one was over.

Sunday was again spent drinking butterbeer, walking through the streets of Harry Potter and riding rides. I think Cj found his favorite ride in the Flight of the Hippogriff ;). And our favorite rides included Jurassic park (I think i’ll laugh every time I ride this ride from now on), the Mummy, and Gringotts HP ride. Probably one of Sean and Cj’s favorite moments was when the drink stand guy commented on how buff they both were and how they “won the gene lottery.” Haha , don’t let it go to your heads! It’s always so sad to leave, but we really had such a good time!

We’re so glad Cj and Sydnee could come with us, it was so fun having them!! I’m definitely getting sad because they’re getting ready to leave this next week, but having them here for the summer was such a blessing! Sean and I are so grateful to have gotten to know them this summer and to know we’ll be friends forever (whether they want to or not ;). We love you guys!

On our way home we swung by the Orlando temple and like all the temples it was gorgeous! img_6240

This trip was such a blast and ended too soon!! And thus ends our “summer” haha if you can call it that, but we did get to do a lot and had so much fun spending time together! Can’t wait for our next universal trip!


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