Emily’s Wedding

Emily Lowe and I have been friends for almost 20 years. Crazy. We’ve been through pretty much every emotional event together, and trust me when I say she put up with a lot of my craziness! And yet through everything she is to this day one of my most cherished friends. So when she asked me to be her Matron of Honor I cried (can I blame baby hormones??). Anyway her wedding was set for the Saturday after Thanksgiving which was perfect because it was the Saturday after my final exit exam (which I passed!) So Sean and I planned to meet my parents out in SD and stay at a beach house for the weekend, I mean there are worst things than staying a block away from the ocean in beautiful San Diego.

Sean, Harper and I flew in Wednesday night. It was Harper’s first flight and she did AMAZING!! Literally slept the entire flight. So grateful she is such a chill/happy baby! The next day was Thanksgiving so we headed over to Emily’s in the morning so Harper could finally meet her Godmother! It was so sweet seeing her with Emily and Jenny. Seriously, how did I get so blessed with all these wonderful people in my life!! We spent the morning just catching up and talking wedding plans and it was the perfect start to the weekend.

After spending the morning with the Lowes Sean and I headed back to the townhouse to pick up Dan and we heading over to a Thanksgiving buffet that Sean found. It was pretty good which meant we all overate, but hey it’s Thanksgiving right?!? Is this not the epitome of a Thanksgiving food coma??

While everyone was in a food coma Harper and I bundled up and heading to the beach for an evening walk. It was perfect. While I would never live in CA again, it really is such an awesome place!!

Mom and Dad flew in from NYC Thanksgiving night from their walking in the Macy’s parade and the next morning we headed to one of my favorite places, Torrey Pines. If I had a dollar for all the times I’ve hiked this, I probably would never have to work again! In fact Sean and I hiked it 5 years previous when we were just little babies dating. Look at the change in 5 years!! Pretty crazy right!! The two on the left were barely into their undergraduate degrees, just getting to know each other and just starting out in life! And the two on the right both have careers, masters degrees, have lived in FL for 4 years, been married for 5 and have a beautiful little girl! Crazy how time flies, excited to see where we are in 5 more years!

After our GLORIOUS hike we headed to another SD staple…Board and Brew. This place in the bomb!! Anyway the food was great but the company was even better. We met Bri and Chad there and Harper finally met another best friend of mine (who is also getting married!!) We visited for a little and then headed back to the condo.

The next day was Saturday or…WEDDING DAY!! My day started early as I headed off to Em’s to get ready. The boys headed out early as well for golfing, but I snapped this picture before Sean headed out…these two have my whole heart!

I arrived at Emily’s and preparation was in full swing. Emily was such a chill bride and luckily everything went off without any major mishaps. Spending the morning with her and Jenny was so special too. We laughed and talked and got beautiful for the coming festivities. I think Sean wishes I had a hair and makeup girl everyday because she did amazing ;). Emily and Jenny are natural beauties, but she had her work cut out for her, but in the end it turned out pretty good.

Can you say EXCITED?!?

She’ll probably kill me for putting this here.

After getting ready we headed to Bernardo Winery to meet Brandon for pictures. I am seriously so blessed to have these two women in my life!! So many memories with them and it was such a blessing to spend this day with them!

And now time for the dress…have you ever seen a more beautiful bride!!

One of my favorite parts of the day was helping Em get ready to see Brandon. I’ve never seen her so happy!! Another favorite part were the couple of hours Jenny I spent just talking while Emily was out taking pictures, it will be a time I always cherish.

Finally after everything it was time for the wedding! Brandon’s boys walked me down the aisle, such gentlemen and so handsome.

The ceremony was beautiful, the love these two have for each other is just so special and I’m so so so grateful I got to be a part of the special day! I’m also really glad that i remembered all I needed to do and didn’t trip once!

After the ceremony we headed out for pictures. After 20 years of friendship Emily and I have a lot of photos together, but these are by far my favorite (even more than my wedding photos!).

And now to the reception. I’m not going to lie I was nervous to give my toast. One because I wasn’t sure if I would make it through without crying and two because I wanted it to be a great speech that meant something to Emily and Brandon. Luckily I made it through with only a few tears and after all that anxiety I let loose and we PARTIED the night away!!

Also…how handsome is my husband and how cute is my baby?!?

We seriously had so much fun dancing the night away. Harper got to meet so many people I grew up with and who mean so much to me! And you better believe I got down with it!!

At the end of the night I got to drive Emily and Brandon to the Bernardo Inn (where Sean and I went our wedding night!) where I said goodbye. I love these two and loved being a part of their special day!!

Saturday was a later night so the next day we took it pretty easy and went for a walk in the AM, had a late breakfast and kind of hung around the condo for a bit while Harper and I recuperated. We ended the night/trip with an awesome walk on the beach towards sunset. The east coast is great, but I’ll always love the west coast the most. This trip was a much needed break for us and so so much fun for us. I really can’t say how much it meant for me to have Harper meet so many people I love and who have meant so much to me throughout the years!! It was such an awesome trip!

These fours days were so fun! San Diego is always beautiful and it was so nice to visit again. Until next time!


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