Utah, our new home

We moved to Utah!!

Our first few months here included a few big moments for us…

First: WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!! Woot woot!! We love it! It’s in a new neighborhood in Saratoga Springs and we’re so excited about this new adventure for us.

Second: Sean started his new job at Ancestry and I started a few new ventures. One is a Nurse Practitioner gig in Draper working with a chiropractor. Second is a teaching position in the nursing program of Provo College. And I also work as an agency nurse a few nights a month. Haha, I have my feet in many different things.

These few things have kind of taken up most of our time as we navigate homeownership and new jobs. Honestly the last few months have been very overwhelming and we’re looking forward to getting into a nice routine…hopefully! However, between all the changes we’ve gotten to do a lot of fun things since moving out here. Here are just a few…

House hunting with the cutest little shopper!

We got to spend lots of time with family!! It’s so fun to be able to see everyone a lot more often and Harper is loving all the love she’s getting!

We also, LOVE our walks!! It’s so nice when it’s chilly in the mornings and Harper LOVES her Jolly Jumper car seat snuggler, it’s so soft and snuggly for her.

Harper had her first Easter. She got to play with her first easter basket complete with a few books, stuffed animals, and a bunch of bath toys. We then headed down to have dinner and an egg hunt with the Stevenson clan. It was so fun watching Lily and Maddux run around for the eggs. That will be Harper next year!!

We also spent a day exploring downtown SLC. We saw uncle Dan at his office, went and checked out Temple Square, and saw Grandpa at work as well! I love exploring with this sweet girl!

We’ve also spent a lot of time exploring the park! Harper loves the swing, like LOVES the swings!! Haha she just kicks her feet around and squeaks and squeals haha it’s the cutest.

May held Mother’s Day celebrations as well as celebrating Sean’s 28th birthday, the old fart!

Strawberry Days Rodeo. This is one of Sean’s favorite things to do of the year…despite the picture below. The Strawberries and Cream is always delicious and Harper of course was a champ. She loved just watching the horses and kicking her legs while in the carrier.

Finally, a fourth of July where it didn’t rain…oh wait, it did!! Seriously the last 4 fourths it has poured!! The morning was beautiful though and I convinced Sean to go to the balloon festival in Provo with Heath and Lesley and the kiddos. It was really cool to see them all blow up, but unfortunately it was too windy to take off, even though there was no wind…go figure that out! Anyway after that we had a BBQ at their house and then the storm hit! So we waited out the storm and then with Harper asleep in the back we took the truck over to Patriot Park where we could watch all of Utah Valley’s fireworks! It was the perfect ending to a fun day. The next day we woke up early and headed down to Palisades to go camping with Chris and Carrie. It was our first time camping in four years!! We spent 3 days down there with them and went on a few good razor rides, swam in the lake, went golfing with Harper and just hung out. It was a really fun few days out in nature!!

Moving back to Utah also meant it’s time for SOFTBALL again! So if you’re looking for us on Thursday we’ll be at the ballpark!

In June mom, Harper, and I headed down to San Diego for Emily’s baby shower. It was so fun to see everyone and to see Emily pregnant with baby Ava. Harper got to see a lot of my good friends from high school and she even made her first little friend, Scarlett. We of course made a trip to Torrey Pines and Board and Brew. It’s always fun to visit home, but traveling with Harper alone, is no joke!

Other fun pictures from the past few months…night out at thanksgiving point, bull riding rodeo in Spanish Fork, Lagoon with Jonny and Braydin, my birthday party, the Zoo, Alpine days, and her little pony tail!!

As you can tell these last few months here in Utah have been full of change, fun, and the beginning of a new chapter in our lives! Harper is growing so fast and becoming so much fun! I love this family of mine and the life we have!


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