Last Few Months in Florida (Jan-Mar)

Sean’s drone pictures of our house and neighborhood.

This is basically just a photo dump of the last few months in Florida. We really didn’t do too much exciting stuff, just worked and took care of Harper!

Dave and Jessica very kindly watched Harper for a night for us so we could go out on a date. We got the BEST Mexican food (too bad we didn’t find this place earlier), went truck shopping 😉 and ended at the most awesome dessert place. It was a fun night, and nice to get out without the little one for a bit.

We also went to a carnival with the Shumways right before we moved. There’s just something about carnival rides and food!! Also, best moment of the night was when Jane wanted a stuffed animal from the dark throwing kiosk and since Sean had already won one it was my turn. I suck at darts though. So the first 3 throws were awful, but on the last throw I somehow hit a balloon and won her a dog!! Jane, Jessica, and I all went crazy yelling and jumping up and down. It was ridiculous, but so fun! We’re really going to miss this sweet family!

Our last few Florida days…

The last photos taken by the talented Jessica Shumway! I love all my photos ever taken by her and Harper always smiles the biggest for her!! Also, do you see Miles in these photos?!?

I know i’ve been saying it for awhile, but we really did love our 4 years in Florida and will miss it and all our family/friends we leave behind.


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