August 2018

1. Top Golf and Ruth’s Chris

We spent a Saturday with our faves, the Spjutes. We started at Top Golf where I was surprisingly pretty good for being 36 weeks preggers!! But Sean did beat me in the accuracy contest just because I couldn’t swing hard enough to get to the last target! It was a lot of fun to spend a few hours with our two favorite people while playing our favorite sport. We then treated ourselves to dinner at Ruth’s Christ. DELICIOUS! And those sweet potatoes…so good! Overall it was a great time with some great friends!

2. Finished another semester

I finished one of my hardest semesters. Between working full time nights, going to school and being pregnant my days are pretty full. But that being said, I wouldn’t change it. Other than getting strep throat, upper respiratory infection and double pink was the pits! Finishing this semester means…ONLY ONE MORE UNTIL I’M FINISHED!!!

3. Night at the beach

One Sunday evening we decided to venture over to Deerfield Beach to take in the beauty. It’s too bad we haven’t spent more time doing this, but such is life, you live and learn. It was a great night.

4. Nursery

I finally finished the Nursery. I’ve been really good about not going crazy and buying all the darling things I could find. Overall I think it turned out well and not we just need a baby!img_9506

5. Dinner with Dad

Dad flew into town for a business trip in Miami so we decided to meet him halfway to grab some dinner. I love that he uses work trips as an excuse to come see us!img_9264

6. Beach house

Mom and Dad rented a beach house down in lighthouse point for a week  which was much needed break for me. I spent A LOT of time just lounging in the pool, which by the way was Cosby’s favorite part of the whole week. That dog would sit at the edge of pool and let his ball float to the middle of the pool just so he had to jump in and get it! The week consisted of hours swimming, more swimming and then swimming some more! We also headed down to a Marlins game and got some sweet seats (it’s a good thing they suck). Heath also came down for a few days to watch the Braves play the Marlins, it was fun to see him and get to hang out for a bit. This week was very rejuvenating and helped me gear up for the last few weeks of pregnancy, and work, and school.


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