December 2017

What a month this has been!! We started the month off by finishing this semester of school, another one down, 3 to go!! Well 3 more for me at least, no more for Sean, lucky duck!! This month consisted of date nights, Christmas parties, lots of Christmas music, and of course our trip to Utah!! This trip takes the cake as the highlight for the month for sure! It was so fun to see friends and family, but I’ll tell you more about that later.

1. Ward Christmas Party

This was such a fun get together with our ward family! Lots of food, Christmas sweaters, and karaoke to round off the night. Sean and I won 2nd place in the sweater contest (woot woot!) and then decided to bless everyone with our rendition of Baby it’s Cold Outside. Well at least our sweaters were good ;). We had a fun time though and look forward to next years party!iCRYGAteQgyWmcb1ab%J6A

2. Lunch with my besties

You’ve probably heard me talk about our favorite family in Florida, the Shumways, well I love them. It was such a treat to meet up with Jessica and two of my favorite boys, Miles and Cole, for lunch. I am so so so grateful to have met and grown so close with them these last few years! And I mean how cute is this little guy (Miles)?!?!


3. Utah December 2017
4. Pitch Perfect

I am so sad this was the last movie!! I love this series of movies, they’re so good! Sean took me to my favorite restaurant, Cooper’s Hawk, and then to my favorite movie…could the night have been better??

5. New Years Eve

I luckily got cancelled from work this night, hallelujah! So Sean and I got to ring in the new year together. Hard to believe we’re already in 2018! This past year has been a crazy one. We’ve traveled, we’ve worked, we’ve served, we survived a hurricane, we survived graduate school (one of us anyway), and best of all we grew closer as a couple over this past year. 2018 will be another crazy year, but I think I speak for both me and Sean when I say we can’t wait to see what this year has in store with us!

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