November 2017

Well this month has been one of those “just have to get through it” months. It’s the last month of school before finals for me and Sean. It’s the last month before graduation for Sean…what?!?!? It’s the last month before our epic Christmas in Utah trip, yayyy!! Yes this month includes Thanksgiving, but beside that this month was pretty low key. My parents visited, we took family pictures, and besides that; we did homework and studied!

5 Years ago.

I wanted to make a note about what happened this month 5 years ago…Sean and I went on our first date! Crazy I know! This date consisted of him taking me to the new Outlets at Traverse Mountain followed by JCW’s, delicious! Also memorable was me singing Anyman of Mine by Shania Twain. And we all know when I say sing I really mean scream at the top of my lungs because we all know singing IS NOT a talent of mine. Anyway, it’s crazy to think it’s been 5 years, but a great 5 years it’s been! It’s hard to imagine life without this guy in my life. Look at these babies:531588_4190862304495_990042761_n.jpg

Date night to Kohl’s

We’ve decided that our kids are kind of in trouble because I LOVE pictures. Seriously, I am always telling Sean to go stand over there, or stand by this or that. He does it mostly, unless he doesn’t want to, then I just get the stare. Anyways we ended up at Kohl’s for date night and luckily Sean was in a picture mood…

It’s a good thing I married such a good sport! Don’t worry babe soon there will be kids to take your place!

Hobby Lobby

Well Sean has decided that I am NOT allowed to go to Hobby Lobby by myself, which is a good thing especially for our checking accounts ;). So the other night we planned our date night to Hobby Lobby to get some Christmas decorations. After I put up our decorations in our house we realized we only thought we had a lot because our last place was so small it just seemed like a lot, but it really wasn’t. So we headed to HL to see what we could find and it was a good thing Sean was with me because I was would have bought more than this…img_7249

Family pictures

Our good friend Jessica is an AMAZING photographer, she’s taken our family pictures the last few years and this year’s are my favorite! Here are just a few of my favorites. Go to our Family Photos post to see our family photos over the years. It’s so fun to see how we’ve changed over the years.


My parents were in NYC for the Macy’s Day Parade again this year so they figured they’d just head down here for a few days after. We had a great dinner (yes I cooked it all!), spent some time at the beach, got some delicious Peruvian food, and of course played a round of golf! We always love having them come visit us! Really we love any visitors, but they are some of our favorites.img_7197

December is going to be a great month for us…so stayed tuned!!!


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