October 2017

1. Barktoberfest

Every October before closing the water parks for winter (because it gets too cold here to swim 😉 the water parks have the last day be a dog day at the water parks. Basically this day is better than Christmas for Cosby. Last year we couldn’t go thanks to Hurricane Matthew, but thankfully Irma came earlier so we could still go. There’s just something about dogs at the water park that makes one smile! Cosby loved it, he was basically prancing through the water he was so happy! This is definitely one of our favorite events to attend and cannot wait until next year!

2. Chris and Carrie come to Florida!
3. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Concert

Last year for our anniversary Sean surprised me with tickets to the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert. THIS WAS THE BEST CONCERT I’VE BEEN TO!! Well it was basically a love song concert, so how could I not love it?!? I think I loved it so much because I knew practically every song…these two are some of my favorites! Sean liked it too, but not quite as much as I did. Hope those sitting next to me didn’t mind my singing the entire time! Such a good anniversary present, even if I had to weight 10 months for it :). I hope when Sean and I have been married for 21 years we can’t keep our hands off each other like these two.

4. Trunk or Treat

The annual chili cook off and trunk or treat was especially fun this year. Sure I didn’t win the cook off, even though Sean said mine was the best (not competitive at all!), but our costumes, the dance party and the company made for a fun night.

Sean of course had to go as Goose again just for the mustache. I don’t know what is about men and mustaches, they’re just obsessed with having one! He grew it out all October just for his costume which meant I had to put up with it all October as well…yay me ;). I will admit it was one of his better mustaches. Well since he was Goose I decided I’d go as Charlie from Top Gun. (Side note: we know Goose and Charlie don’t get together so Sean switched his Goose patch out for Maverick’s when we got home). But our costume worked out pretty well. I love how fun Sean is!! Just wait until we have kids, then the real Halloween dress up starts!

The night ended with the kids getting lots of candy, me getting lots of dancing in and the YW of our ward getting a healthy education of 80’s Top Gun awesomeness…a win-win for all involved!img_7020

5. Halloween

Well Halloween came and we actually had a lot of kids!! Sean and I both had homework so we just went out a little later to sit with our neighbors and pass our candy. We enjoyed talking with our neighbors and seeing all the fun costumes! Then back to homework we went.img_0217


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