Chris and Carrie come to Florida!

What a weekend this was! We could not have asked for a better weekend with Sean’s parents (minus the sickness that hit) here visiting! It had been over a year since I’d seen Chris and Carrie, far too long in either of our books. Hopefully it’s never that long again! Anyway, we packed all we could into this weekend of fun and these were the highlights:

Thursday I went to clinical for half the day while the rest went to the beach for most of the day. Back in January Sean got me tickets to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for our anniversary (see October post for more) so he and I went there Thursday night while Chris and Carrie hung at home.

Friday was our beach day, that is until Florida did what it does best…rained. Not just rained, but down poured, horizontal stinging rain.  We hadn’t had time to get to cover before the rain hit so there the four of us stood under our beach umbrella trying not to be pelted by the rain. Haha, I’m sure we looked hilarious standing under that umbrella. Luckily prior to the rain we were able to get a few hours of beach and sun in!



After the rain sent us packing we headed to the pool in our neighborhood (we’ve lived here for 5 months and this was our first time going to the pool). And get this…it has a hot tub! No pools here in Florida have hot tubs!! This is a game changer for me and Sean!

We then headed back to the beach to the long anticipated Whale’s Rib. I think Sean and I should get a discount considering the amount of business we’ve brought this place over the last few years. It’s pretty much a go to for anyone who visits us and wants some seafood (yum?). It’s this dive right by the beach that was featured on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives for it’s Dolphin sandwich (again, not real dolphin)…my chicken sandwich is pretty good too ;).

Saturday Sean took his final in the morning…one more semester woot woot!!! And then we headed downtown for a boat tour to see all the gigantic houses and yachts in FLL. Seriously the amount of money put into these ships in just amazing…I mean $150 million for a boat (granted it can hold 2 helicopters so there’s that). And these houses. There’s a house there who’s property taxes are $600,000 a year. That’s $44,000 a month, A MONTH!! Just crazy. It ended up being a really nice and fun day downtown.

That evening we BBQed and watched BYU (that’s all I will say on that matter). But i’ll keep on reppin the Y!

Sunday was spent playing tennis, with our two year old rackets that have never been used…haha we’re not big into tennis…and lounging by the pool. Definitely a relaxing day.  Also we found out that Cosby enjoys Yahtzee:img_6919-1

Monday morning Sean and Chris headed out to go deep sea fishing while Carrie and I headed back to the pool. The boys had a great time out at sea and had a pretty lucrative day as well. They hauled in a dolphin fish, tuna, macrol (spelling?) and some barracuda (luckily they threw them back). All of which they brought home to grill up…yayy! Then I said my goodbyes and headed to work while the rest of them hung out.


It was such a fun trip! We loved having them visit and definitely think it should happen again! Both Sean and I are blessed with amazing families whom we love so so much! We wished we lived closer, maybe someday, but for now we’re so grateful they come to visit us all the way out in Florida!

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