September 2017

Can I just say that this monthly “happenings” post is great. The idea of keeping a daily journal just seems so daunting to me, but this monthly inventory of things big and small that happened that month is so manageable (trust me, if I can do this than anyone can!).

Well this month was a biggy (no i’m not preggo). So let’s get into it then:

1. Sean was called into the bishopric

Being 100% honest, we were surprised by this. First off the stake president didn’t ask me to come along for the interview so we were pretty sure that it wasn’t going to be a new calling…we were wrong.

It amazed me how Sean’s concerns weren’t about the time commitment, the increased responsibility or the busier weeks/sundays but rather less time seeing me and mostly his inadequacy for this calling. His concerns about me showed me just how much this sweet man loves me, a fact I think I often take for granted. And his concerns about inadequacy showed me his humility, something I think the Lord knows about Sean. This new calling is such a blessing to Sean and our family and we’re so grateful for the opportunities this church affords us to serve.

2. Dad came to visit

With Sean being called into the bishopric he was set apart as a high priest. Luckily dad was able to catch a last minute flight out to set Sean apart, the first of many blessings coming from this calling. We love when he comes to visit and I know Cosby loves having a new snuggle buddy!

3. Golfing

As with all visits from dad we spent Saturday out on the course. It’s always rough when we haven’t played for awhile, but we keep playing anyways!

4. BYU football

Well my heart is broken…that’s all I have to say. But no matter how many times they break it I will ALWAYS be a cougars fan! Can’t wait until we have our season tickets…someday!

5. Goodbye to the Spjutes

Saddest part of the year. It’s amazing how we’ve only known them for a few months and yet we have really come to love these two people! First and foremost they are the kindest people you will ever meet. Second they are a BLAST to hang out with. Third we have so much in common which makes it even more fun. Fourth they have such strong testimonies of the gospel, something I really admire about them.

Anyway we really were so blessed to have gotten to know these two wonderful people and I  know we will be friends for the ages!!

Although this whole Boise State fanship may put a bit of a strain of the relationship anytime BYU and them play ;).img_6265

6. Hurrican Irma

Well, Sean and I are officially Floridians as we endured our first hurricane (Matthew, 2016 didn’t count) and boy was it a doosy! I think the worst part of the whole thing was the waiting, waiting, and more waiting! We had about a week to prepare for the storm which meant food gathering, water storage, and storm shutter installment.

Little fact about storm shutters; they are a lot heavier and harder to put up than I gave them credit for. We were putting them up like such newbs until our wonderful neighbor showed us the “floridian” and much faster way (thank heavens for Carlos!).

After a week of waiting Irma finally hit over the weekend and we hunkered down for the worst of it. We got hit pretty hard, 90+ mph winds, rain (our back canal rose about 4 feet), but we were safe inside watching movies and BYU lose to Utah, again (see number 4 above).

We were also so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family be checking in with us throughout the storm, we felt so very loved !

7. Graduate Studies Presentation

During the storm I submitted a poster presentation on a project I did for the one of my classes last semester. Throughout the semester I conducted a systematic review looking at the effect of chewing gum on return of bowel function in patients after colorectal surgery. Sounds odd, but it’s actually pretty interesting. Anyway, my professor submitted it to this research symposium for evaluation and now I wait to hear how it went!

8. Irma cleanup

The Saturday after Irma we headed over to Naples where the worst of the damage was. It was amazing to see 500+ people gathered at the stake center from all over Florida and all ready to serve. Our stake was assigned to Everglades city just south near Marco Island. Driving into the city was like driving into ta disaster zone, and that’s exactly what it was. It broke my heart to see the devastation caused by this storm, but my heart was lifted at the same time as I saw those serving and as I was able to serve. Is it bad that I think I got more out of this day than those we served. We spent the day emptying houses of destroyed belongings (including loaded shot gun) and mucking mud out of these homes. It was hot, sweaty, smelly, and such rewarding work to be doing. I had one experience that I will never forget.

A woman whose house we had spent the morning cleaning up came to find us in the afternoon to come and work at her sisters home. She then drove me to her sisters house so I could direct us back there to work. On the way there she asked me why we did this, why we spent an entire weekend working in such bad conditions for nothing, no pay, no recognition not even any food. I thought about it for a minute and all I could think of was that we are disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ and this is what He would be doing if He were here. She got tears in her eye and responded that seemed like a good enough reason.

I’m grateful to have been raised in a gospel that taught me to serve, but more than that it taught me to love to serve others.

9. Temple Date.

I love to see the temple. I love what the temple symbolizes. I love that because of the temple I get to be with my husband, family, and future children for all eternity. Truly if we center our lives on the temple we will be supremely happy.

10. Karaoke Night

So the ladies I work with are awesome!! We always joke that I can’t sing (not really a joke when it’s true) and I dance like a white girl (also true, but I’m good for white girl!). Anyway we all got together for a Karaoke night and the results were nothing short of AMAZING!! Seriously so fun.

Best quote of the night by Tia…”I am usually emabarrassed to sing in front of people, but then I heard Katie sing and I’m not embarrassed anymore.” Thanks Tia 😉



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